14-Day Money Back Guarantee on Cloud Solutions + 1H/mo extra Managed Support

14-Day Money Back Guarantee on Cloud + 1H/mo extra Managed Support

VPS Ryzen Ram Cloud

Ram Cloud Server

The Most Popular & Certified High Tier Hosting

Join 26’330 Satisfied Developers & Business Owners by deploying the RAM Cloud Server, powered by AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU, that offers high memory instances with guaranteed resources for memory-intensive applications. Customizable packages ensure smooth performance and cost efficiency. The AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU’s exceptional benchmarks make it the top choice. Instant deployment simplifies setup, letting you focus on growth.

Instant Deployment

Deploy your services instantly with our platform for a hassle-free experience, enabling you to focus on growing your business.

KVM Tecnology

Our platform uses KVM technology for reliable and secure performance, with DDoS protection available to all customers.

VNC Access

With VNC access, you can remotely manage your server even when it’s offline, giving you full control over your services.

Any Operating System

We support any operating system, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred platform when deploying your services or upload your own ISO.

1 GBPS Network

Explore lightning-fast VPS connected to a 1 GBPS network for efficient data transfer, with DDoS protection to keep your website secure.

Easy Control Panel

Easily manage your server with our user-friendly control panel, designed to simplify server management for all users.

ram cloud pricing

Our Basic Solutions

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Our Advanced Solutions

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ram cloud features

High Memory Instances

Powered by the formidable AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU, our RAM cloud server provides high memory instances with assured resources, ideal for applications necessitating significant memory and CPU power. Various packages allow you to select the optimal balance of CPU and RAM, ensuring smooth application performance even under high load. This customization optimizes performance while minimizing costs. The market-leading benchmark scores of the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU ensure unmatched performance, making it the go-to choice for high memory cloud servers. Additionally, our platform’s instant deployment feature facilitates immediate service deployment for a hassle-free experience, letting you concentrate on business growth rather than server setup and management.

RAM Cloud Network

Experience a lightning-fast VPS connected to a 1 GBPS network for efficient data transfer, safeguarded by DDoS protection. This high-speed network ensures your applications and services remain accessible and performant, regardless of traffic volume. Moreover, our user-friendly control panel simplifies server management for all technical expertise levels. It includes various features and tools for easy server monitoring, settings configuration, and service management. Our RAM cloud server, with its high memory instances, guaranteed resources, KVM technology, and flexible packages, provides an efficient and scalable solution for your hosting needs. With robust performance powered by the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU, VNC access for remote management, support for any operating

Our Features

Join Our 10K+ Servers

9 Key Reasons!

99,982% Uptime

We offer 99,982% uptime thanks to the Tier 3 data centers where our servers are located. Enjoy your service without interruptions with Space Hosting


All the solutions are equipped with high performance and lastest NVMe M.2 storages. This will ensure very high reading and writing speeds

Unlimited Bandwidth

None of our solutions has a maximum internet bandwidth consumption limit. With Space Hosting you fully consume what you pay for

Cyber Defense

Space Hosting systems are located in Tier 3 multi-award-winning Data Centers with limited access and are protected by latest Smart IDS.

Our Value for Money

With us you will have the Best value for money on the market by accessing Computer resources with the highest computing Power and reliability

Free Product Packs

All of our Premium Packages have other Premium plans included for free and selectable during the order process with a simple click


Latest Technologies

The servers run with the best performing hardware on the market: with us you will have access to the fastest CPUs offered by AMD


All the services have minimal latency and the Infrastructure in Europe allows our customers to load their websites in between 0.1s and 0.5s

Premium Customer Service

 Our highly and continuously trained staff will always be available through official channels. Morever you will find a loving support from our community

Why should you choose us?

Space Hosting offers a complete range of innovative Cloud and Bare metal services at more than affordable prices using an unmistakably European approach by designing
and building its servers using the latest generation components
geolocated in the company’s infrastructure .

Why should you choose us?

Space Hosting offers a complete range of innovative Cloud and Bare metal services at more than affordable prices using an unmistakably European approach by designing and building its servers using the latest generation components geolocated in the company’s infrastructure.

Admin Control

Flexible & Scalable

Our solutions are Flexible and Scalable: you will be able to increase your resources along the way with Space Hosting

SSD NVMe M.2 in our systems

Smart IDS and AntiDDoS Protection

Scalable Solutions

Latest speed technologies

Best prices on the market

Free Hosting & Included plans

ram cloud server facilities

Flexibility & VNC Access

We provide a variety of cloud server packages tailored to your needs. Whether you require a smaller instance with limited cores and RAM, or a larger instance with multiple cores and extensive RAM, we have a package perfectly suited for you. Our flexible billing options include pay-as-you-go or monthly plans, allowing resource scaling without unnecessary costs. VNC access lets you remotely manage your server, even when offline, ensuring complete service control. Additionally, our Tier 3 data center ensures redundancy and reliability. A Tier 3 data center features redundant and dual-powered IT components, concurrent maintainability, and automatic diesel-generator units and coolers, ensuring uninterrupted services and optimal operating temperatures. An automatic inert gas fire suppression system protects the hardware in case of fire.

ram cloud benefits 

Robust Performance and any Operating System

The AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU, combined with our cutting-edge infrastructure, guarantees sturdy application performance. Our data center features redundant power supplies, high-speed internet connections, and advanced cooling systems, providing a stable and reliable server environment. Our 24/7 expert support team is available to address any issues, ensuring continuous server operation. Additionally, we support any operating system, allowing you to choose your preferred platform or upload your ISO, customizing your server environment to your specific needs.

ram cloud Virtualization

Guaranteed Resources & KVM Technology

A key advantage of our RAM cloud server is resource assurance. Unlike other cloud services with shared resources among multiple users, our server guarantees dedicated CPU and RAM for your instance. This ensures optimal application performance, irrespective of other instances’ load, which is crucial for consistent performance applications like databases, analytics platforms, and high-traffic websites. Furthermore, our platform utilizes KVM technology for secure and reliable performance, with DDoS protection available to all customers, safeguarding your server against cyber threats.

ram cloud F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RAM Cloud?

RAM Cloud is a specialized VPS hosting service that focuses on providing a higher amount of RAM in the server configuration. This kind of service is particularly beneficial for applications that require a large amount of memory for data processing, caching, or any other computation-intensive tasks.

What are the benefits of RAM Cloud?

The primary benefit of RAM Cloud is improved performance. Applications that require a lot of memory will run much faster because they can store and access more data in the server’s RAM, reducing the need to access data from slower storage devices. This leads to quicker response times and can significantly improve the overall performance of your application.

Is RAM Cloud suitable for all applications?

While having more RAM is generally beneficial, RAM Cloud is particularly suitable for applications that require a large amount of memory for data processing, such as big data applications, high-traffic websites, and in-memory databases. If your application does not require a large amount of RAM, a standard VPS hosting service may be more cost-effective.

Can I customize my RAM Cloud configuration?

Yes, most providers offering RAM Cloud services allow you to customize your server configuration to meet your specific needs. You can usually choose the amount of RAM, CPU, and storage that suits your application and budget.

Is it possible to upgrade the resources of my RAM Cloud VPS?

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to upgrade the resources of your VPS, including but not limited to RAM, disk space, and number of backups. This allows your hosting environment to grow alongside your needs, ensuring optimal performance even as your requirements increase.

Is the anti-DDoS system included by default for the RAM Cloud VPS?

Yes, the anti-DDoS system is included by default for the RAM Cloud VPS to ensure that your server and applications are always accessible, even in the case of a DDoS attack thanks to our load balancers and Smart IDS System. This helps to protect your infrastructure and ensure service Uptime.

VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server?

Choosing between VPS hosting and a dedicated server depends on your needs and budget. VPS hosting is generally cheaper and is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses or individual users with moderate traffic. A dedicated server, on the other hand, provides you with an entire server dedicated to your needs, making it more powerful but also more expensive. It is suitable for businesses with high traffic or resource-intensive applications.

Can I choose my preferred operating system with a RAM Cloud VPS?

Yes, with a RAM Cloud VPS, you have the freedom to choose your preferred operating system. Providers typically offer a range of operating systems to choose from, including various versions of Windows, Linux, and other operating systems as well.

Is the bandwidth consumption unlimited for my RAM Cloud VPS?

Yes, we offer unlimited bandwidth, which means that there is no set limit on the amount of data that can be transferred monthly over the internet to and from your server.


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Customer Testimonials

Tom Atif

Super big vouch

Super big vouch, best supplier there is, always kind, professional and reliable team, I highly recommend them, they solve any problem right away, I will always buy from them!

Aldon Iros

Big Vouch!

Big vouch! Fast support, great managing functions (enduser panel) that allows you to switch fast from Linux to Windows in less than 10 mins. Servers are quite powerful and cheap compared to other AMD Epyc providers. Keep up the good work!

Lucas Davies

Definetely would recommend

Definetely would recommend buying from this service, its just impressive, their customer service, the support they provide and their high quality top tier services are just awesome! Big vouch yall

Load Balancers & IDS

Are you afraid that your servers could be hacked? Don’t be afraid: Our systems are using advanced algorithms and software to monitor incoming traffic to servers and deny any illegal traffic. Servers are also equipped with DDoS protection against online attacks.

We’ll take care of protecting you.

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