14-Day Money Back Guarantee on Cloud Solutions + 1H/mo extra Managed Support

14-Day Money Back Guarantee on Cloud + 1H/mo extra Managed Support

Intel Dedicated Servers Dedicated Server with Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v4

Dedicated Server with Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v4

The Most Popular & Certified High Tier Hosting

Join 26’330 Satisfied Developers & Business Owners by depl oying the Dedicated Server with Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v4 with 28 cores, 56 threads, and speeds up to 3.2 GHz that is a beacon of server performance. Enhanced by NVMe M.2 storage and the reliability of a Tier 3 Data Center, this server offers both speed and security with robust DDoS protection. 

Any Operating System

We support any operating system, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred platform when deploying your services or upload your own ISO.

1 GBPS Rete

Explore lightning-fast server connected to a 1 GBPS network for efficient data transfer, with DDoS protection to keep your server secure.

Configurable Ram & Storage

We provide 16 GB of Ram by default and you have the possibility to add more ram and configure your default storage as per your needs.

Dedicated Server Dual Xeon E5-2660v4 Pricing

Our Solution

8110 Geekbench Score

Other Intel Dedicated Solutions

8110 Geekbench Score

22935 Geekbench Score

20419 Geekbench Score

8656 Geekbench Score

4900 Geekbench Score

3736 Geekbench Score

Dedicated Server with Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v4 Features

56 Threads for Multitasking

It’s a testament to the pinnacle of server technology and design. Each server houses two potent CPUs, and each of those CPUs boasts a robust base clock speed of 2.0 GHz, capable of turbo-boosting up to a heady 3.2 GHz. Dive deeper, and you’ll find an impressive 28 cores and 56 threads combined, providing unparalleled multitasking abilities. For context, even elite servers like the highly acclaimed Dedicated server Ryzen 9 7950X3D, celebrated for setting benchmark records, would find itself in an intense competition against the sheer power and versatility of the Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v4. When looking for dedicated server options, one can’t just glance over the specs; they should feel the momentum, the dynamism, and the promise of uncompromised performance that comes with such a piece of technology. This server is a testament to that feeling.

NVMe M.2. & Tier 3

The Dedicated Server with Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v4 seeks to make that world a reality.With the integration of NVME M.2., the server promises data transfer speeds that are nothing short of lightning-fast, ensuring applications and databases run seamlessly. A Intel Dedicated Server line offering a blazing speed of 1 GBPS makes sure that data uploads, downloads, or any form of transfer happen faster. This speed, paired with unlimited bandwidth, ensures that this server stands ready to handle massive data traffic, making it an excellent choice for large enterprises and high-traffic websites. Moreover, its residency in a Tier 3 Data Center offers an environment meticulously crafted for optimal performance.

Crypto Payment Possibility

Our Features

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99,982% Uptime

We offer 99,982% uptime thanks to the Tier 3 data centers where our servers are located. Enjoy your service without interruptions with Space Hosting


All the solutions are equipped with high performance and lastest NVMe M.2 storages. This will ensure very high reading and writing speeds

Unlimited Bandwidth

None of our solutions has a maximum internet bandwidth consumption limit. With Space Hosting you fully consume what you pay for

Cyber Defense

Space Hosting systems are located in Tier 3 multi-award-winning Data Centers with limited access and are protected by latest Smart IDS.

Our Value for Money

With us you will have the Best value for money on the market by accessing Computer resources with the highest computing Power and reliability

Free Product Packs

All of our Premium Packages have other Premium plans included for free and selectable during the order process with a simple click


Latest Technologies

The servers run with the best performing hardware on the market: with us you will have access to the fastest CPUs offered by AMD


All the services have minimal latency and the Infrastructure in Europe allows our customers to load their websites in between 0.1s and 0.5s

Premium Customer Service

 Our highly and continuously trained staff will always be available through official channels. Morever you will find a loving support from our community

Why should you choose us?

Space Hosting offers a complete range of innovative Cloud and Bare metal services at more than affordable prices using an unmistakably European approach by designing
and building its servers using the latest generation components
geolocated in the company’s infrastructure .

Why should you choose us?

Space Hosting offers a complete range of innovative Cloud and Bare metal services at more than affordable prices using an unmistakably European approach by designing and building its servers using the latest generation components geolocated in the company’s infrastructure.

Admin Control

Flexible & Scalable

Our solutions are Flexible and Scalable: you will be able to increase your resources along the way with Space Hosting

SSD NVMe M.2 in our systems

Smart IDS and AntiDDoS Protection

Scalable Solutions

Latest speed technologies

Best prices on the market

Free Hosting & Included plans

Security with Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v4 Dedicated Server

L4 & L7 DDoS Protection

With the rise in cyber threats, securing this data becomes paramount. The Dedicated Server with Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v4 takes this very seriously. With Layer 4 and Layer 7 DDoS protection, this server is like a fortress, safeguarding against potentially harmful cyber attacks. But it’s not just about having security features; it’s about having the best in class. Think of it as having a personal team of elite guards, always on the lookout, ensuring nothing malicious gets through. Whether you’re a large enterprise with sensitive customer data or a burgeoning startup with intellectual property, the assurance that your data remains protected is invaluable. This server not only provides a robust platform for all your hosting needs but also ensures that while you focus on growth, it has your back, keeping threats at bay. On AMD Dedicated Servers the same level of protection is included.

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v4 Dedicated Server Versatility

Use Cases

The true value of a powerful server like the Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v4 becomes evident: gamers, for instance, can immerse themselves in lag-free, ultra-high-definition worlds. Developers will find deployments to be rapid, testing environments to be smooth, and runtimes to be glitch-free. Businesses, regardless of size, can benefit from swift data operations and seamless website hosting. For a content creator, it means faster rendering, efficient multitasking, and uninterrupted streaming. Think about large e-commerce platforms during sale days or streaming platforms during a new show release. The server’s ability to multitask ensures that these platforms can handle thousands, if not millions, of concurrent users without a lag. You may consider starting your journey with a virtual server as the  VPS Ryzen.

Intel Dedicated Servers F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Intel Dedicated Server?

An Intel Dedicated Server is a powerful physical server solely powered by Intel processors, offering optimal speed, energy efficiency, and stability.

What anti-DDoS mechanisms are integrated into your Intel Dedicated Servers?

Our Intel Dedicated Servers are fortified with advanced anti-DDoS mechanisms. These protections guard against threats from Layer 4 to Layer 7 attacks and ensure both network-level and application-level security. To further bolster security, we've integrated defenses against brute force attacks that target RDP, SSH, and FTP logins.

Is the bandwidth consumption unlimited on my Intel Dedicated Server?

Yes, all of our Intel Dedicated Servers come with unlimited bandwidth. You can be assured of consistent data flow without concerns about hitting any data transfer ceilings.

How does a Intel Dedicated Server ensure maximum performance?

Intel Dedicated Servers harness the unparalleled processing prowess of Intel CPUs, ensuring rapid data processing and multitasking. Exclusive server access means no resource contention, ensuring maximum performance for your projects.

How do Intel Dedicated Servers guarantee high uptime?

Our Intel Dedicated Servers are located in Tier 3 data centers. With a robust 1Gbps network connection, this ensures a high degree of reliability. Furthermore, resilience features like diesel-generator backup power and sophisticated cooling systems ensure operational continuity. Our advanced inert gas fire suppression system offers another layer of protection.

How can I install Chrome on my Intel Dedicated Server with Windows OS?

To install Chrome on your Intel Dedicated Server running Windows, first download the Chrome installer from the official Chrome website on your local PC. Then, transfer the installer to your server using RDP or another transfer method. From there, initiate the installation as you would on any Windows desktop.

Can I obtain additional IP addresses for my Intel Dedicated Server?

Certainly! You can procure more IP addresses for your Intel Dedicated Server. During a new server setup, you can opt for this. If you're adding to an existing service, simply submit a support ticket and our billing department will facilitate your request.

Should I go for an Intel Dedicated Server or an AMD Dedicated Server?

Deciding between Intel and AMD Dedicated Servers hinges on your specific requirements and budgetary considerations. Intel servers have a long-standing reputation for single-threaded tasks performance, stability, and widespread software compatibility. Typically, Intel options tend to be more budget friendly. On the other hand, AMD servers often offer more cores at a similar or slightly higher price, making them ideal for multi-threaded tasks. Assess your workload, software requirements, and budget constraints before choosing. If in doubt, it's always beneficial to consult with a technical specialist to determine the best fit for your projects.

Can I choose my preferred operating system on an Intel Dedicated Server?

Certainly! We offer a wide selection of operating systems for our Intel Dedicated Servers. If you have a specific or custom OS in mind, you can upload its ISO to set it up.

Is there an option to upgrade my Intel Dedicated Server's hardware?

Absolutely! We provide scalable solutions, allowing you to upgrade your Intel Dedicated Server hardware in line with your evolving business needs.

What is the provisioning time for an Intel Dedicated Server?

The setup period for our Intel Dedicated Servers includes configuring, installing, and testing phases. Depending on your chosen configuration and our inventory, the delivery time can range from 1 working hour to 2 business days.

Which Intel Dedicated Server should I opt for?

The best Intel Dedicated Server for you hinges on your unique requirements. Factors like RAM, storage, and CPU capabilities are key considerations. We suggest consulting with our sales team to help guide you to the ideal server configuration.

Should I opt for VPS hosting or an Intel Dedicated Server?

Your choice between VPS hosting and an Intel Dedicated Server should reflect your project's scale and your technical expertise. While Intel Dedicated Servers offer unrivaled performance and extensive configurational control, they necessitate more hands-on management. Conversely, VPS hosting might provide fewer resources but demands less technical oversight.

Do your Intel Dedicated Servers offer root/Administrator access?

Yes. For every Intel Dedicated Server, we grant users privileged access. For servers running Linux OS, "root" access is provided by default. For Bare Metal servers, we initially provide "user" access for security reasons, but you can later set a root password. For Windows-based servers, Administrator access is given.

How can I seek support for my Intel Dedicated Server?

For any support related to your Intel Dedicated Server, you can reach out to us through the channels listed on our contact us page. We prioritize efficient and helpful responses to cater to all your needs.

Where are your Intel Dedicated Servers located?

Our Intel Dedicated Servers are located in Lithuania in a Tier 3 Data Center. However, we offer our esteemed services to clients worldwide.


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Customer Testimonials

Tom Atif

Super big vouch

Super big vouch, best supplier there is, always kind, professional and reliable team, I highly recommend them, they solve any problem right away, I will always buy from them!

Aldon Iros

Big Vouch!

Big vouch! Fast support, great managing functions (enduser panel) that allows you to switch fast from Linux to Windows in less than 10 mins. Servers are quite powerful and cheap compared to other AMD Epyc providers. Keep up the good work!

Lucas Davies

Definetely would recommend

Definetely would recommend buying from this service, its just impressive, their customer service, the support they provide and their high quality top tier services are just awesome! Big vouch yall

Load Balancers & IDS

Are you afraid that your servers could be hacked? Don’t be afraid: Our systems are using advanced algorithms and software to monitor incoming traffic to servers and deny any illegal traffic. Servers are also equipped with DDoS protection against online attacks.

We’ll take care of protecting you.

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