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Best Valheim Dedicated Servers: 13 Things to Know

Discover the best Valheim dedicated servers for an optimal gaming experience. We’ve curated a list of top hosting providers, examining features, customer service, pricing, and more. From fast ping and 24/7 server availability to easy setup, find a server that fits your budget, technical expertise, and server specs to enhance your open-world survival gaming adventure.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What are Dedicated Servers?
  3. Why Choose Dedicated Servers for Valheim?
  4. Benefits of Hosting Valheim on Dedicated Servers
  5. Essential Features to Look for in the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers
  6. Cost Considerations for the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers
  7. Top Valheim Dedicated Server Providers: A Comparison
  8. How to buy Dedicated Server in Space-Hosting?
  9. Assessing the Customer Service of Server Providers for the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers
  10. Technical Expertise Required for Operating the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers
  11. Security Features in the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers
  12. Conclusion
  13. Final Tips for Making an Informed Decision on the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers


Valheim enthusiasts recognize a dedicated server as a transformative tool for gaming. This tool ensures smooth, immersive, open-world survival gaming. Boasting quicker ping, a continuously robust connection, and effortless setup, a dedicated server enhances your online gaming world. We have compiled a roster of top-notch Valheim dedicated server providers for this year to assist your search. This exhaustive review juxtaposes their features, assesses customer service, inspects pricing, and highlights each provider’s pros and cons. We’ve examined key facets: player slots, DDoS defense, free trials, refund policies, pricing strategies, network service agreements, and user feedback. Our guide aims to help you select a hosting provider congruent with your budget, server needs, and technical know-how, thus preventing future server switches. Jump in, discover, and let’s locate the best base for your Valheim quests.

Selecting the best Valheim dedicated servers can be a daunting task given the multitude of hosting services available. In this guide, we’ve streamlined the process for you by curating a list of top Valheim server hosting providers. These were assessed based on essential features, the quality of customer service, competitive pricing, and the presence of crucial gaming components such as DDoS protection, player slots, and network SLA.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision that not only matches your budget and server requirements but also aligns with your level of technological expertise. A wise choice now can save you the inconvenience of server migration later, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – conquering the world of Valheim.

Whether you’re looking for a web hosting company for your gaming hosting needs, exploring dedicated servers, or considering reseller hosting, our comprehensive guide provides you with the information needed to choose the best managed or unmanaged VPS for your gaming needs.

What are Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated servers, in the realm of web hosting, are a type of internet hosting where the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. Unlike shared hosting, where resources are divided among multiple users, a dedicated server reserves its entire computational power for a single user or business. These servers are housed in secure, high-tech data centers managed by the hosting company. They provide you with absolute control and customization, allowing you to configure the server settings as per your unique needs. A dedicated server reseller could be a web hosting company or an individual who has bought the server space to sell it further.

From the perspective of gaming, a dedicated server such as 5950X Dedicated Server provides a private, powerful, and reliable environment for you and your friends to enjoy multiplayer games without any performance hiccups. In the context of our focus keyword, “Best Valheim Dedicated Servers,” a dedicated server for Valheim means having a server solely dedicated to running your Valheim game, promising smoother gameplay, more player slots, and greater control over the game environment.

Why Choose Dedicated Servers for Valheim?

Valheim, an open-world survival game, is best enjoyed on a dedicated server for several reasons. A dedicated server offers a more consistent, stable, and lag-free gaming experience compared to a shared or self-hosted server. Dedicated servers can handle more player slots, allowing you to share your Valheim adventures with more friends simultaneously. As the game demands high computational power for smooth gameplay, having a server dedicated to your game ensures it receives the needed resources at all times.

Moreover, with a dedicated server, you gain greater control over your gaming environment. You can tweak server settings, customize the game rules, and moderate player behavior more effectively. It’s especially beneficial for gaming communities that host large-scale events or for players who want to maintain control over their in-game environment.

Lastly, dedicated servers for Valheim, offered by reputable gaming hosting companies, often come with additional benefits such as DDoS protection, 24/7 customer support, and automatic game updates. These features not only safeguard your gaming experience from external threats but also save your time and efforts in server management, allowing you to focus more on your game.

So, choosing the best Valheim dedicated servers would be a worthwhile investment for avid Valheim players seeking an enriched, hassle-free gaming experience.

Benefits of Hosting Valheim on Dedicated Servers

Hosting Valheim on dedicated servers offers an array of benefits that significantly improve your gaming experience. Dedicated servers have been a staple in the gaming hosting business for many years, providing superior performance, control, and reliability to users. By leveraging these advantages, you can unlock a seamless Valheim gaming experience like no other. Let’s delve into these benefits:

1. Enhanced Performance

Hosting Valheim on a dedicated server can significantly enhance your game’s performance. Unlike shared hosting services or home servers, dedicated servers are equipped with robust hardware and network infrastructure, capable of supporting intense gameplay and high player traffic without a hitch. This means less lag, faster load times, and a smoother overall gaming experience. It’s especially beneficial for Valheim, a resource-intensive game, as it ensures the game always has enough resources for optimal performance. Top-tier game server hosting companies further enhance performance by offering advanced features like SSD storage, high-bandwidth networks, and low-latency connections.

2. Superior Control and Flexibility

A dedicated server grants you full control over your Valheim gaming environment. You can customize server settings via the control panel, add mods, tweak game rules, and more. This level of control and flexibility isn’t typically available in shared hosting or self-hosted servers. You can create unique gameplay experiences tailored to your liking, adding to the fun and excitement of playing Valheim. Plus, dedicated server resellers usually provide an intuitive control panel, making server management a breeze even for less tech-savvy users.

3. Reliable Uptime and Availability

Dedicated servers are known for their reliability. They are usually housed in state-of-the-art data centers, ensuring high availability and uptime. This means your Valheim game server is always online and accessible, ready for you and your friends to embark on your Viking adventures anytime. Plus, reputable web hosting companies usually offer network SLAs, guaranteeing a certain level of uptime. This kind of reliability is critical for an immersive gaming experience as it eliminates frustrating downtime and connection issues. In essence, hosting Valheim on a dedicated server gives you peace of mind, knowing your gaming sessions can run smoothly and uninterrupted.

Essential Features to Look for in the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

When hunting for the best Valheim dedicated servers, it’s essential to prioritize certain features that can greatly enhance your gaming experience. These are the factors that not only guarantee performance and stability but also ensure your Valheim game server can withstand high traffic, and potential security threats, and deliver a constant, reliable service. The hosting business is highly competitive, and understanding these essential features will help you select the perfect hosting solution for your Valheim gameplay:

1. DDoS Protection

In the online gaming landscape, DDoS attacks are unfortunately common. These attacks can flood your server with unnecessary traffic, slowing down performance or even causing crashes. That’s why robust DDoS protection is a must-have for the best Valheim dedicated servers. It acts as a shield, protecting your gaming sessions from disruptive interruptions. Many top-tier web hosting companies include advanced DDoS protection in their hosting services, keeping your Valheim adventures secure and uninterrupted.

2. Player Slots

Player slots dictate how many players can connect to your Valheim server simultaneously. The best Valheim dedicated servers should offer a high number of player slots, allowing you to host large-scale Viking adventures with your friends. It’s worth noting that the more player slots a server offers, the more powerful its hardware should be to ensure optimal performance. So, balance your need for playing slots with the server’s capacity.

3. Network SLA

A Network Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a commitment from the hosting company to provide a certain level of service. For the best Valheim dedicated servers, look for a robust network SLA. This agreement typically includes guarantees about server uptime, network availability, and sometimes even performance metrics. A solid network SLA ensures that your Valheim server stays online and accessible, providing you with a seamless gaming experience. It’s a crucial part of any hosting solution and can distinguish a reliable hosting provider from the rest.

Cost Considerations for the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

The cost is an essential factor when choosing the best Valheim dedicated servers. Understanding hosting pricing and value leads to informed decisions. Balance cost, performance, stability, and quality when evaluating dedicated server costs for Valheim. Here are the key aspects to consider when evaluating the cost of dedicated servers for Valheim.

1. Understanding Pricing Models

The price of dedicated server hosting can vary significantly based on several factors. For instance, the cost might depend on the server’s hardware specifications, the number of player slots, and additional features like DDoS protection or a control panel. Some hosting solutions might offer tiered pricing models, with each tier offering different hardware capabilities and features. It’s crucial to understand what each tier or package includes and whether it suits your needs. Remember, the cheapest option might not always be the best for your Valheim gaming experience.

2. Free Trials and Money-Back Guarantees

Many web hosting companies offer free trials or money-back guarantees. This can be a valuable opportunity to test out their services before committing fully. You can assess their server performance, customer service, and overall ease of use. If the hosting company offers a free trial for their Valheim dedicated server, it’s worth giving it a shot. This can provide firsthand experience with their server and services, ensuring you make an informed choice. Remember, choosing the right server can greatly enhance your Valheim gameplay, making it worth your time and money.

Top Valheim Dedicated Server Providers: A Comparison

Choosing the best Valheim dedicated servers necessitates comprehensive research into various hosting services and offerings. Here, we provide a comparative review of some of the most popular Valheim dedicated server providers: Contabo, Linode, AWS, and Space-Hosting.net. We take into account different elements such as cost, specifications, and functionalities, empowering you to make an educated choice according to your specific requirements.

Afterward, we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of each hosting service using tables. The intention here is to provide an easy-to-understand comparison that helps you choose the best server for your Valheim gaming experience.

Hosting ServiceSpecificationsPrice
Space-Hosting8 Physical Cores @ 64GB DDR4 RAM
480GB NVMe @ 1GB/s Port
approx $65 /MO
Contabo8 Physical Cores @ 64GB RAM
480GB NVME @ 1GB/s Port
$137.99 /MO
Linode8 Physical Cores @ 16GB RAM
320GB SSD @ 1GB/s+ Port
$144 /MO
AWS8v Cores @ 16GB RAM
Elastic Block Storage
approx $155 /MO

When comparing Space-Hosting with other providers like Contabo, Linode, and AWS, Space-Hosting appears to offer significantly more value for your money.

Space-Hosting provides 8 physical cores and 64GB DDR4 RAM for about $65 per month, which is more than half the price less than what Contabo offers for the same server configuration. Even though Linode provides the same number of physical cores as Space-Hosting, they only offer 16GB of RAM and charge a higher price of $144 per month. AWS similarly provides 8v cores and 16GB of RAM but at a steeper price of approximately $155 per month.

Selecting a hosting service requires careful consideration, taking into account your specific needs, budget, and technical expertise. Space-Hosting seems to be an economical option for dedicated server hosting.

How to buy Dedicated Server in Space-Hosting?

1. Buy a Dedicated Server From the Plans Given Below

  • AMD-RYZ-5-3600-S
  • 37.39/mo

  • CPU TYPE AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz
  • CORE 6 Cores / 12 Threads
  • RAM from 16GB to 128GB DDR4
  • STORAGE Configurable
  • Multi Core Geekbench Score 6875
  • OS Linux & Windows
  • AMD-RYZ-7-3700X
  • 47.60/mo

  • CPU TYPE AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 4.4GHz
  • CORE 8 Cores / 16 Threads
  • RAM from 16GB to 128GB DDR4
  • STORAGE Configurable
  • Multi Core Geekbench Score 8421
  • OS Linux & Windows
  • AMD-RYZ-9-5950X
  • 83.99/mo

  • CPU TYPE AMD Ryzen 9 PRO 5950X 4.9GHz
  • CORE 16 Cores / 32 Threads
  • RAM from 16GB to 128GB DDR4
  • STORAGE Configurable
  • Multi Core Geekbench Score 16593
  • OS Linux & Windows

  • 2. Select the Product Billing Cycle

    Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

    3. Select the Desired RAM and Dedicated Video (if require)

    Best Valheim Dedicated Servers RAM

    4. Select the desired Setup Fee Option

    Best Valheim Dedicated Servers Setup
    5. Select only Mentioned Linux Operating System When ordering the Server

    CentOS 7.x / 8.x (Beta) or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or
    Ubuntu 14.04 / 16.04 / 18.04 / 20.04 (Recommended) / 22.04 or AlmaLinux 8.x

    Best Valheim Dedicated Servers operating system

    6. Select KVM and Server Management Option

    KVM Console will give you control to access your server offline.

    Best Valheim Dedicated Servers KVM access

    7. Select BGP Session (If you want to use your own subnet)

    8. Select the Storage Drive

    Best Valheim Dedicated Servers SSD NVME

    9. If you selected the multiple drives then select the RAID else leave it as No Raid.

    Best Valheim Dedicated Servers raid

    10. Register Account or Login If you already have an account

    Fill up the required details if you creating a new account

    11. Select the Payment Method option and fill up the required details

    12. In The end accept the terms of service and Checkout

    Once an order is placed then you will receive the Dedicated Server Information as soon as possible.

    Partnering with a reputable provider offers numerous benefits, including enhanced performance, greater reliability, expert support, scalability, and robust security. A reliable provider ensures that dedicated servers deliver optimal performance and a stable hosting environment, while also providing expert technical support to address any concerns. Moreover, a reputable provider offers scalable hosting solutions that enable a hosting business to grow seamlessly as clients’ needs evolve. By prioritizing server security, top-notch providers protect clients’ hosting accounts and data from potential threats. By carefully considering these factors and partnering with a reputable dedicated server provider, hosting businesses can offer high-quality solutions and services, ensuring client satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

    Assessing the Customer Service of Server Providers for the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

    When diving into the world of Valheim, the right dedicated server can significantly impact your gaming experience. As you explore the hosting business for the best Valheim dedicated servers, it’s crucial to assess the quality of customer service provided by various service providers. Notably, superior customer support from your hosting service provider is often as crucial as the technical aspects of your virtual private servers.

    Effective customer service from your server hosting company ensures quick resolution to any technical issues that may arise, keeping your game server hosting experience smooth and uninterrupted. Imagine facing a server downtime during a critical gameplay moment – you would want immediate help, and that’s where quality customer service comes into play.

    The best Valheim dedicated servers aren’t only about providing top-tier technical features like control panel access, efficient dedicated servers, and comprehensive hosting solutions. They should also offer prompt, friendly, and efficient customer service. A reliable web hosting company understands the importance of effective customer support and ensures its availability around the clock, providing you with peace of mind as you enjoy your gaming experience.

    1. The Importance of Quality Customer Service in the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

    Choosing the best Valheim dedicated servers extends beyond technical specifications and hosting accounts. The quality of customer service is an integral component of a superior gaming experience. This aspect becomes increasingly crucial if you’re managing your dedicated server reseller or gaming hosting.

    The game server hosting landscape can present occasional challenges, even with the best hosting services. You might encounter issues with your dedicated servers, control panel access, or other technical aspects of your hosting accounts. A quality customer service team quickly addresses these challenges, minimizing interruptions to your gaming sessions.

    Furthermore, a good customer service team can offer insights into more advanced features of your hosting solutions, making them accessible even to less technically inclined users. Ultimately, quality customer service can distinguish the best Valheim dedicated servers from other options.

    2. Evaluating Customer Reviews to Choose the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

    Customer reviews are a crucial resource when selecting the best Valheim dedicated servers. These reviews provide insight into the customer service quality provided by different hosting solutions. Evaluating these reviews can help you understand the kind of support you can expect from the hosting service, especially during peak gaming hours or during technical difficulties.

    When selecting a reseller program or planning to sell dedicated servers, pay particular attention to reviews that focus on the provider’s customer support. Issues such as response time, availability, helpfulness, and resolution rate can significantly influence your gaming hosting experience.

    In conclusion, the best Valheim dedicated servers offer a well-rounded experience that combines top-tier technical features with stellar customer service. As you embark on your hosting journey, remember to prioritize both these aspects for an optimal gaming experience.

    Technical Expertise Required for Operating the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

    Navigating the hosting business for the best Valheim dedicated servers necessitates a certain degree of technical knowledge. Operating a dedicated server, whether for gaming hosting or managing a hosting account, requires an understanding of various technical aspects like control panel functionalities, server settings, and more. The level of technical expertise required can differ based on whether you choose a managed or unmanaged server or opt for a reseller hosting option.

    1. Managed vs. Unmanaged Servers in the Context of the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

    Choosing between managed and unmanaged servers significantly impacts the level of technical expertise required for operating the best Valheim dedicated servers.

    Managed hosting solutions provide comprehensive support, including server management and maintenance. Your hosting service provider takes care of complex server-related tasks, such as security updates, software installation, and troubleshooting. This service allows you to focus on enjoying your gaming experience without worrying about intricate server management aspects.

    In contrast, self-managed servers necessitate advanced technical proficiency. As the user, you are accountable for all server management duties, encompassing software installation, security protocols, and issue resolution. While this alternative grants full authority over server configurations, it requires a solid grasp of server administration.

    2. Reseller Hosting Option for the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

    A reseller hosting program can be a lucrative proposition if you plan to sell dedicated server space. As a reseller, you purchase hosting services from a web hosting company and rent it out to third parties—essentially operating as a hosting business.

    While this can be a profitable venture, it requires technical knowledge about managing virtual private servers, operating control panels, handling dedicated servers, and providing customer support. Although many reseller hosting services provide comprehensive tools to manage your accounts, an understanding of the technicalities ensures you offer a reliable service to your clients.

    In summary, the technical expertise required to operate the best Valheim dedicated servers can vary based on whether you opt for a managed or unmanaged server or choose the reseller hosting path. The best server choice will align with your technical capabilities, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable Valheim gaming experience.

    Security Features in the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

    In the hosting business, server security is of paramount importance. When choosing the best Valheim dedicated servers, it’s crucial to consider the security features offered by hosting solutions. These security features include firewalls, DDoS protection, and regular security updates.

    1. Understanding Server Security in the Context of the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

    Server security is a key consideration when choosing dedicated servers for gaming hosting. A secure server can protect your game data, hosting accounts, and control panel settings from cyber threats. Robust server security in dedicated servers includes features such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, intrusion prevention systems, secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), and firewalls. Moreover, DDoS protection is crucial to prevent distributed denial of service attacks that could disrupt your Valheim gaming experience.

    Many hosting services provide advanced security features as part of their hosting packages. For instance, a dedicated server reseller or a web hosting company might offer advanced security modules as add-ons. Understanding these security features and how they contribute to your server’s overall safety is crucial when selecting the best Valheim dedicated servers.

    2. Importance of Regular Updates for the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

    Regular updates are an integral part of maintaining server security. Updates often contain patches for known security vulnerabilities, keeping your server secure against new threats. When choosing a hosting solution for Valheim, you should ensure that the hosting service provides regular security updates.

    In the context of the best Valheim dedicated servers, the importance of server security and regular updates is clear. Not only do they protect your gaming data and experiences, but they also play a key role in the overall performance and reliability of your server. With the right security measures in place, you can focus more on enjoying the Valheim game and less on mitigating potential cyber threats.


    In the realm of hosting services, discovering the optimal Valheim dedicated servers can initially appear overwhelming given the multitude of factors at play. These factors encompass server performance, security provisions, cost implications, technical proficiency demands, and the caliber of customer support provided. Nevertheless, by embracing these fundamental aspects as guiding principles, you can navigate the hosting solutions landscape with greater assurance and arrive at an informed choice.

    When it comes to hosting game servers, especially for Valheim, performance takes precedence. The top-tier servers guarantee powerful hardware and uninterrupted uptime, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. Additionally, incorporating security measures like DDoS protection and regular updates safeguards your game data and instills a sense of security.

    Furthermore, cost is a crucial factor in decision-making. Different hosting services offer varying pricing structures, and comprehending these options helps in selecting the most economical solution. Lastly, consider your technical proficiency and the level of support provided by the hosting company. This encompasses aspects such as managed versus unmanaged servers and the caliber of customer service.

    Final Tips for Making an Informed Decision on the Best Valheim Dedicated Servers

    Choosing the best Valheim dedicated servers is a decision that should be based on your unique gaming needs, technical skills, and budget. Before settling for a hosting service, it’s advisable to compare several providers in terms of their specifications, prices, and customer reviews. It’s also important to consider whether a reseller hosting option or virtual private servers might better suit your needs.

    Additionally, check if the hosting company provides a control panel for easier management of your server. This includes managing hosting accounts, installing updates, and configuring server settings.

    Keep in mind that the finest Valheim dedicated servers aren’t always the priciest or the most feature-packed. Instead, they align perfectly with your individual needs, offering an optimal blend of affordability, performance, security, and customer assistance. As a gamer, your priority is to relish the game itself. Hence, selecting the appropriate hosting solution can greatly enhance your overall gaming journey.

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