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How to run your own Ark Dedicated Server

juli 12, 2023

To run your own Ark dedicated server may appear daunting, but this guide demystifies the process. From the initial setup to managing game mods, every aspect is covered. Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or a hosting business exploring new ventures, this guide provides the comprehensive knowledge you need to offer a seamless gaming experience. Learn how to create, manage, and optimize an Ark dedicated server to provide the best possible gaming environment.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparation to Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server
  3. Installation Steps to Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server
  4. Configuring Game Settings
  5. Maintaining Your Ark Dedicated Server for Smooth Gameplay
  6. Concluding Tips to Successfully Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server
  7. Conclusion


Gaming has taken a quantum leap in recent years, with titles like Ark: Survival Evolved emerging as a standout. As a multiplayer game, Ark heavily relies on servers for a seamless gaming experience. However, public servers often suffer from limitations. To overcome this, running your own Ark dedicated server is an appealing proposition. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast desiring complete control over the gaming environment or a hosting business looking to diversify your service portfolio, mastering how to run your own Ark server is a valuable skill. In this guide, we will walk you through the process, from the initial setup, managing mods, to maintaining server performance. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to operate your Ark dedicated server effectively.

Setting up your Ark dedicated server might initially seem daunting, yet with careful planning, it simplifies. The first step involves procuring the essential hardware and software. Either a dedicated server or a VPS might meet your requirements. The subsequent step requires the installation and configuration of the Ark server files. This process includes arranging your server’s control panel for simplified management. When the server is operational, it’s time to tweak the game settings to your liking. Ultimately, the smooth functioning of gameplay depends on the effective management of mods and regular server maintenance. This could include game updates, backup management, and resolving any emergent issues. As we progress through this guide, we will further dissect these steps, equipping you with a comprehensive manual for operating your Ark dedicated server.

Preparation to Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server

The process to run your own Ark dedicated server involves a few key steps. Preparation is the primary stage and arguably, the most critical. In this phase, you’ll make choices about the hardware and server type suitable for your needs. You’ll need to understand the software requirements and the importance of reliable internet. This phase establishes the foundation of your Ark dedicated server. Ensuring the right choices can lead to a smoother hosting experience, whether it’s for personal use or a hosting business. The following sections delve deeper into each of these aspects. Each step will bring you closer to running your own Ark dedicated server efficiently.

1. Selecting Server Type for Your Ark Dedicated Server

Choosing the right server type for your Ark dedicated server is crucial. The two popular options are dedicated servers and VPS. Dedicated servers offer dedicated resources and unrivaled performance, making them a great option for high-demand Ark servers. On the other hand, a VPS can be cost-effective and still deliver decent performance for smaller Ark servers.

Specifically, Space Hosting’s AMD dedicated servers such as 5950X Dedicated Server stand out in the market. These servers provide superior processing power and speed, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. They also offer ample storage and memory, crucial for running your Ark server without any lag or interruptions. Whether you’re running a hosting business or a passionate gamer, Space Hosting’s AMD dedicated servers are an excellent choice for running your Ark dedicated server.

Server TypeCPU CoresRAMEstimated Player Capacity
VPS4 Cores8GB20-40 players
Dedicated Server4 Cores16GB40-60 players
Dedicated Server8 Cores32GB60-100 players

2 How to buy Windows Dedicated Server in Space-Hosting?

2.1 Buy a Windows Dedicated Server From the Plans Given Below

  • AMD-RYZ-5-3600-S
  • 37.39/mo

  • CPU TYPE AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz
  • CORE 6 Cores / 12 Threads
  • RAM from 16GB to 128GB DDR4
  • STORAGE Configurable
  • Multi Core Geekbench Score 6875
  • OS Linux & Windows
  • AMD-RYZ-7-3700X
  • 47.60/mo

  • CPU TYPE AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 4.4GHz
  • CORE 8 Cores / 16 Threads
  • RAM from 16GB to 128GB DDR4
  • STORAGE Configurable
  • Multi Core Geekbench Score 8421
  • OS Linux & Windows
  • AMD-RYZ-9-5950X
  • 83.99/mo

  • CPU TYPE AMD Ryzen 9 PRO 5950X 4.9GHz
  • CORE 16 Cores / 32 Threads
  • RAM from 16GB to 128GB DDR4
  • STORAGE Configurable
  • Multi Core Geekbench Score 16593
  • OS Linux & Windows

  • 2.2 Select the Product Billing Cycle

    Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server

    2.3 Select the Desired RAM and Dedicated Video (if require)

    Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server RAM

    2.4 Select the desired Setup Fee Option

    How to Sell Dedicated Servers standard

    2.5 Select only Mentioned Windows Operating System When ordering the Server

    Windows Server 2012r2 , 2016 , 2019 or 2022 (RECOMMENDED)

    Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server on windows server

    2.6 Select KVM and Server Management Option

    KVM Console will give you control to access your server offline.

    Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server: KVM Access

    2.7 Select BGP Session (If you want to use your own subnet)

    2.8 Select the Storage Drive

    Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server: SSD Requirement

    2.9 If you selected the multiple drives then select the RAID else leave it as No Raid.

    Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server: Software raid

    2.10 Register Account or Login If you already have an account

    Fill up the required details if you creating a new account

    2.11 Select the Payment Method option and fill up the required details

    2.12 In The end accept the terms of service and Checkout

    Once an order is placed then you will receive the Dedicated Server Information as soon as possible.

    Partnering with a reputable provider offers numerous benefits, including enhanced performance, greater reliability, expert support, scalability, and robust security. A reliable provider ensures that dedicated servers deliver optimal performance and a stable hosting environment, while also providing expert technical support to address any concerns. Moreover, a reputable provider offers scalable hosting solutions that enable a hosting business to grow seamlessly as clients’ needs evolve. By prioritizing server security, top-notch providers protect clients’ hosting accounts and data from potential threats. By carefully considering these factors and partnering with a reputable dedicated server provider, hosting businesses can offer high-quality solutions and services, ensuring client satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

    3. Software Requirements to Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server

    Running an Ark server needs specific software. A control panel aids in managing your server. Additionally, gaming hosting software is necessary. Make sure to choose software compatible with your server type, whether it’s a dedicated server or VPS. We provide a user-friendly control panel known as “Virtualizor” to control the VPS easily.

    4. Importance of Reliable Internet for Ark Dedicated Server

    Having a reliable internet connection is crucial when you run your own Ark dedicated server. It ensures a seamless and lag-free gaming experience for all players. A good bandwidth helps in handling traffic efficiently, reducing the chances of game crashes and disconnections.

    The importance of stable internet is highlighted further for a hosting business or a web hosting company. Such companies rely on high-speed internet to manage multiple hosting accounts and provide robust hosting solutions. This includes offering dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and game server hosting services.

    Moreover, if you’re considering a reseller program or aspire to become a dedicated server reseller, reliable internet is key. You’ll need to ensure continuous uptime and quick server responses for your clients. Lastly, if you’re selling dedicated servers or providing game servers for Ark, your reputation relies on providing uninterrupted, high-speed gaming.

    To sum up, reliable internet is the backbone of running an Ark dedicated server, impacting the gaming experience, server management, and overall hosting business success.

    Installation Steps to Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server

    To run your own Ark dedicated server, installation is a key process. It starts with preparing your system and ensuring it meets all the requirements. This phase includes choosing between dedicated servers or virtual private servers (VPS). Following the preparation, downloading the necessary files comes next. This process might take time depending on your internet speed. With files secured, configuring them is your next task. Here, you customize your server settings to suit your gaming needs. Further, the control panel needs to be set up for easy server management. The process might seem daunting at first, but with careful execution, you will have your Ark dedicated server up and running. It offers benefits such as customization, reduced lag, and enhanced gameplay. With quality hosting services like Space Hosting, the entire process becomes more manageable and efficient. The following steps are implemented on a Windows server but you can also use the same method in Linux with some different configuration.

    1. Downloading and Installing Necessary Files

    Initiating your Ark dedicated server starts with downloading the necessary files. Reliable hosting services, like Space Hosting, can aid in this process. The game server files for Ark can be downloaded from trusted sources. Make sure to use a secure and stable internet connection during this step. It’s crucial for a hosting business to ensure the integrity of these files for smooth operation.

    • Download Steamcmd
    • Unzip the steamcmd.zip file and run the steamcmd.exe file
    • Once the steam-cmd screen is popup then it will download the necessary files to run steam-cmd properly
    • Once the updates are completed then you will see the following screen
    Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server using steamcmd
    • Now type the following commands one by one
    force_install_dir "C:\ArkServer"
    login anonymous
    app_update 376030 validate
    • Once the app_update command will be executed then the required server files will start downloading in order to run Ark’s dedicated server on the Windows server

    2. Launch the Ark Dedicated Server

    Once the necessary files are downloaded, configuring them is the next step. It’s essential to modify the server settings according to your needs. This step might involve tweaking the difficulty level, player count, or game modes. Hosting solutions, like Space Hosting, offer user-friendly control panels to manage these settings effortlessly. You can find the configuration files of Ark Dedicated server inside the game server folder “ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64”.

    • Visit Game Server Folder where you downloaded the files, in our case it’s “C:\ArkServer
    • Create a .bat file inside the folder “C:\ArkServer” and named it “Launch_Server.bat
    • Copy and paste the content given below inside the bat file “Launch_Server.bat
    start "C:\ArkServer\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe" "TheIsland?SessionName=ArkServer?ServerPassword=TypeYourPassword?ServerAdminPassword=TypeYourAdminPassword?QueryPort=27015?Port=7777?listen"
    • Save the bat file and close it
    • Open the Launch_Server.bat and then you will see the server launch screen with the real-time logs showing up.
    • Now the server is successfully launched, you can now easily connect with the following IP:
      YourServerIP:27015 or etc

    3. Port Forwarding for Ark Dedicated Server

    If you have bought a server from us directly, then you don’t have to worry about the port forwarding because by default all ports are opened in both of our server types i.e. VPS, and Dedicated Server.

    Before connecting to the server, you will have to forward at least 2 ports

    • 7777 TCP/UDP
    • 27015 TCP/UDP
    • 27020 TCP/UDP

    The ports can be forwarded in a different method, some can easily forward it using Windows Defender Firewall if their port is already forwarded from the ISP router. you will look into the tutorials available on the internet on how to properly forward port based on your internet

    4. Connect to your Ark Dedicated Server

    • Simply launch the server as mentioned in Step No. 2
    • Find your server’s Public IP, you can easily find your Server’s Public IP on whatismyip.com
    • Open your Ark Game via Steam
    • Click on “Join Ark” and set the filter to “Unofficial”
    • Multiple Servers list will be available, find your server
    • In our case, the Server Name was “ArkServer”, find it and then click on Join button.

    Configuring Game Settings

    Setting up the Ark dedicated server is only half the battle, the other half is customizing the game settings to ensure a unique gaming experience. This includes determining game modes, customizing player experience, and adjusting environmental factors. Game modes affect the overall gameplay and can be tailored as per the preference of your player base. Customizing the player experience involves tinkering with character and dinosaur stats, making the gameplay challenging or easy based on your liking. The environmental factors in Ark are also adjustable, impacting the dynamics of the game world. From the weather to the behavior of creatures, everything can be tweaked. Space Hosting’s game server hosting makes the process straightforward with a user-friendly control panel. Remember, the goal is to enhance the player experience. Hosting solutions from reliable companies like Space Hosting provides a seamless way to run your own Ark dedicated server and ensure your players get the best gaming experience.

    Setting Game Modes in Your Ark Dedicated Server

    The game mode is a central aspect of your Ark dedicated server. It sets the tone for the entire gameplay. Different modes offer different experiences, making them crucial in the server setup process. Whether you’re a web hosting company or a gaming enthusiast, understanding how to set the game modes will enhance your hosting solutions and the overall gaming experience.

    Customizing Player Experience in Your Ark Dedicated Server:

    Customizing the player experience is vital for an immersive gaming session. As a dedicated server reseller or an individual with a hosting account, it’s important to know how to customize these settings. This includes adjusting player stats, managing PvP settings, and tweaking other game dynamics. These customized settings make your Ark dedicated server stand out and create a unique gaming environment for all players.

    Adjusting Environmental Factors in Your Ark Dedicated Server:

    Environmental factors in Ark have a significant impact on gameplay. Adjusting these parameters in your dedicated server can make the game more challenging or easy, depending on your preferences. This can be managed from your server’s control panel. Whether you’re providing hosting services or managing your server, understanding these settings will help you provide an immersive gaming experience. With this guide, managing your Ark dedicated server becomes more effortless and efficient.

    Maintaining Your Ark Dedicated Server for Smooth Gameplay

    Maintaining your Ark dedicated server ensures smooth, lag-free gameplay. It involves managing mods, performing regular maintenance, and troubleshooting issues. As a hosting business or server owner, these steps are crucial for a seamless gaming experience. A quality game server hosting service provides the necessary control panel to facilitate these tasks. In this part of the guide, we explore these components of server maintenance in detail.

    Managing Mods to Run Your Own Ark Modded Dedicated Server

    Mods can enrich the Ark gaming experience, but they need proper management. Your dedicated server may offer a range of mods to keep gameplay fresh and engaging. Whether a web hosting company or individual, managing mods efficiently enhances your hosting solutions. This can involve adding, updating, or removing mods via your control panel. This section offers insights on mod management for your Ark dedicated server.

    Regular Server Maintenance

    Regular server maintenance is integral to running your own Ark dedicated server. This includes updating server files, monitoring server health, and managing backups. These tasks ensure a reliable, high-performing server for all players. Both dedicated server resellers and personal server owners can benefit from this section. It provides a comprehensive guide to regular server maintenance for your Ark dedicated server.

    Troubleshooting Common Issues When Running Your Own Ark Dedicated Server

    Even with the best planning, issues can arise when running your Ark dedicated server. Common issues could involve connectivity problems, lag, or mod conflicts. This section provides a troubleshooting guide to address these problems swiftly. Hosting accounts and game server hosting services will find this information especially useful. With this guide, you can ensure smooth, uninterrupted gaming on your Ark dedicated server.

    Concluding Tips to Successfully Run Your Own Ark Dedicated Server

    As we reach the conclusion of our guide, let’s recap the essential aspects of running your Ark dedicated server. Whether you’re a hosting business or an individual, ongoing server management, community engagement, and planning for upgrades are key. This part of our Ark dedicated server guide provides tips for these areas to make your server a success.

    Ongoing Server Management

    Running your Ark dedicated server is not a one-time task. It demands constant oversight, tuning, and problem-solving. From monitoring server health to managing hosting accounts, ongoing server management is pivotal. Using your control panel effectively and promptly addressing any issues can ensure smooth game server hosting. This section shares insights into managing your Ark server efficiently.

    Community Engagement Tips for Your Ark Dedicated Server

    Your Ark server is more than a platform for gameplay; it’s a community. To grow and maintain this community, engagement is crucial. Offering exciting mods, encouraging feedback, and hosting events can enhance player retention. Both web hosting companies and reseller hosting services can benefit from these tips. This section delves into community engagement for your Ark dedicated server.

    Upgrade and Expansion Considerations for Your Ark Dedicated Server

    As your Ark community grows, so do your server needs. To accommodate more players and richer gameplay, upgrades may be necessary. Expanding to a dedicated server or a more powerful VPS can enhance your hosting solutions. This section provides considerations for upgrading and expanding your Ark dedicated server. By anticipating growth, you can offer a superior gaming experience.


    In conclusion, this guide has aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of how to run your own Ark dedicated server. From choosing the right hardware, server type, and software to understanding installation, configuration, and server maintenance, we’ve covered the essentials. These skills can greatly assist in your hosting business or personal gaming hosting endeavors. With patience, diligence, and the right resources, running an Ark dedicated server can be a rewarding experience.

    Managing a dedicated server isn’t just a technical task, it’s about creating and sustaining a thriving gaming community. A successful Ark server requires ongoing server management, engaging gameplay, community interaction, and timely upgrades. It is a dynamic process that demands constant attention and fine-tuning. Web hosting companies or those involved in a reseller program can greatly benefit from these insights, contributing to their hosting solutions.

    Remember, the journey to run your own Ark dedicated server doesn’t end here. It’s an ongoing process of learning, adapting, and growing. In a constantly evolving game like Ark, staying updated with changes, new features, and community preferences is key. Keep exploring, learning, and enhancing your Ark server for a rewarding gaming hosting experience. Remember, every successful Ark server started from where you are now. You have the tools to make yours the next big success. In order to Run your own Ark dedicated server, it can be expensive.

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