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Cloud Hosting vs VPS: Find the Better for Your Hosting.

May 9, 2023

Cloud hosting and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are two unique web hosting options designed to address different online requirements; cloud-based hosting delivers exceptional adaptability and scalability, while VPS ensures enhanced control and performance through dedicated resources. In the realm of cloud hosting, a network of interconnected servers collaborates to manage traffic surges and maintain continuous uptime, making it the go-to choice for expanding websites and applications. Conversely, VPS allocates an exclusive portion of a physical server, presenting a cost-efficient, sturdy solution for small to mid-sized businesses seeking increased customization and authority. When weighing the merits of cloud-based hosting versus VPS, the final decision rests on your site’s specific needs, financial constraints, and anticipated growth trajectory. In this article provided by Space Hosting, we gonna learn about Cloud Hosting VS VPS in detail.

Table of Contents

  1. What is VPS (Virtual Private Server)? 
  2. What is Cloud Hosting? 
  3. Cloud Hosting VS VPS
  4. How Costly is VPS Hosting?  
  5. How Costly is Cloud Hosting? 
  6. What makes Space Hosting Different Compared to Other Hosting Companies?
  7. Conclusion

What is VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting? 

VPS hosting is a web hosting service that offers users a virtualized server environment. An instance of this is the Unmanaged VPS with cPanel, which brings together VPS hosting and web hosting. VPS hosting refers to a type of web hosting service that provides users with a virtualized server space. An example is the Unmanaged VPS with cPanel, which combines VPS hosting with web hosting. In VPS hosting, a physical server is divided into several virtual servers, each with its allocated resources like CPU, RAM, and storage. These virtual servers operate independently, each equipped with its own operating system. This setup grants users root-level access and complete control over their server environment. VPS hosting strikes a balance between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It provides more control, customization, and performance than shared hosting, where multiple users share the same server resources, but at a lower cost than our Europe Dedicated Servers, which provide an entire physical server for a single user.

VPS Hosting

What is Cloud Hosting? 

Cloud hosting is a form of web hosting that uses many servers to divide tasks while offering high availability and flexibility. Instead of depending on just one server, cloud hosting makes use of a network of interconnected computers that function together to provide computing resources on request. It also means that if a single server doesn’t work, the burden may be moved to a different server in the network, to guarantee the app or website stays available and accessible. Cloud hosting also allows customers to effortlessly scale up or down their resources depending on changing demands and pay only for what they use, making it a versatile and affordable alternative for companies and consumers alike. 

Cloud Hosting VS VPS

Cloud Hosting VS VPS

Here are some points highlighting Cloud hosting VS VPS:

Cloud Hosting

  • Utilizes multiple servers to distribute resources
  • Offers high availability and scalability. 
  • Reduces downtime by quickly shifting workloads to other servers in the network 
  • Allows users to easily scale up or down resources based on changing needs. 
  • Typically offered as a managed service, with automated backups, updates, and security. 
  • Can be more expensive than VPS but offers more flexibility and better performance. 

VPS Hosting

  • Provides exclusive resources like CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth.
  • Enables greater control and customization opportunities compared to shared hosting.
  • Users are granted server administrative rights, which empowers them to install and customize the software in line with their unique requirements.
  • While typically more budget-friendly compared to cloud hosting, it may require a higher degree of technical skill for effective management.

In other words, both cloud hosting and VPS provide committed resources and adaptability, but cloud hosting is typically a better choice for high-traffic apps or websites that need high availability and scalability, whereas VPS might be more appropriate for users who require greater authority in their hosting environment and are comfortable managing their own servers. 

How Costly is VPS Hosting?  

The cost of VPS hosting can vary significantly depending on several factors such as the provider, server specifications, and additional features. Here are some factors that can influence the price of VPS hosting:

  1. Resources: The pricing usually correlates with the resources allocated to your virtual server, including CPU, RAM, and storage space. Greater resources generally lead to increased costs.
  2. Managed vs. unmanaged: Managed VPS hosting includes supplementary services like server upkeep, updates, and security, which can elevate the cost. Conversely, unmanaged VPS hosting tends to be less expensive as the management and maintenance of the server fall on you.
  3. Operating system: Some providers may levy a fee for using specific operating systems, like Windows, due to licensing costs. VPS hosting based on Linux is typically more cost-effective, as numerous Linux distributions are open-source and free of charge. At Space Hosting, we don’t impose extra costs for our Ryzen Windows Server.
  4. Additional features: Add-ons like backups, SSL certificates, control panels, and domain registrations can affect the total cost of your VPS hosting plan. Data transfer and bandwidth: Packages with larger data transfer allowances and bandwidth may be priced higher. Some providers propose unlimited bandwidth, whereas others offer metered plans that charge based on actual usage.

VPS hosting plans can start as low as $5 per month for basic packages and exceed $100 per month for high-performance, managed plans. It’s vital to consider your unique needs, such as performance, security, and control level when selecting a VPS hosting plan. Make sure to compare different providers and plans to identify the best match for your needs and financial plan.

  • R9-VPS-KVM-S
  • 2.99

    First Month

  • Recurring Price $3.99/mo
  • CPU AMD RYZEN 9 5950X 4.9GHz
  • CORE 1 Core
  • RAM 2 GB DDR4
  • NETWORK 1GB/s (shared)
  • R9-VPS-KVM-S+
  • 3.75

    First Month

  • Recurring Price $4.99/mo
  • CPU AMD RYZEN 9 5950X 4.9GHz
  • CORE 1 Core
  • RAM 2 GB DDR4
  • NETWORK 1GB/s (shared)
  • R9-VPS-KVM-S++
  • 7.49

    First Month

  • Recurring Price $9.99/mo
  • CPU AMD RYZEN 9 5950X 4.9GHz
  • CORE 2 Core
  • RAM 4 GB DDR4
  • NETWORK 1GB/s (shared)

  • How Costly is Cloud Hosting? 

    The expenses associated with cloud hosting can significantly vary, greatly influenced by factors such as the specific hosting business and the selected hosting solutions. The control panel options, the choice between dedicated servers or virtual private servers (VPS), and various add-on hosting services can all play a part in determining the total cost. Businesses that choose to utilize a dedicated server reseller service or enroll in a reseller program, could encounter additional costs. Furthermore, if the web hosting company also provides reseller hosting options, businesses can even sell dedicated servers or VPS hosting accounts, which can impact their financial bottom line. Thus, the cost of cloud hosting is not only defined by the base price but is also influenced by the individual business strategies and hosting options selected.

    What makes Space Hosting Different Compared to Other Hosting Companies?

    Space Hosting specializes in network infrastructure and cloud-based solutions catering to businesses and individuals alike. Since the company’s inception, we have meticulously developed our network infrastructure. Our computing systems boast top-tier hardware available in the market, including not only the highest-quality Intel processors but also the best AMD processors available.

    Furthermore, our systems feature processors that are challenging to find even in physical stores. As a result, these premium components ensure exceptional service performance and significantly high computational power. Space Hosting provides an extensive array of cutting-edge cloud and bare metal services, taking a distinctly European approach. Our servers are meticulously engineered with cutting-edge components and strategically positioned across our global infrastructure. This method enables us to serve both technical and non-technical users, guaranteeing a user-friendly and streamlined experience for everyone.

    What makes Space Hosting Different Compared to Other Hosting Companies?

    Our solutions are Flexible and Scalable: you will be able to increase your resources along the way with Space Hosting. We have a technical support department available 24/7 ready to answer you in live chat or in tickets. You can find out the feedback of our customers on Trustpilot.


    In summary, both VPS and cloud hosting are widely utilized for their unique advantages in hosting websites and applications. VPS hosting, with its dedicated resources and high degree of control over the hosting environment, often comes with a lower price tag, making it an appealing option for those who value customization and flexibility. Meanwhile, cloud hosting, with its distributed architecture across numerous servers, is ideal for those seeking a more scalable, resilient, and hands-off hosting service.

    The choice between cloud and VPS hosting should be informed by considerations such as scalability, security, customization capabilities, and budget. While cloud hosting can be pricier than VPS hosting, it offers regulated services, automated backups, and regular updates, positioning it as a strong contender for those prioritizing stability and expandability. Conversely, clients needing precise control over the hosting environment or having specific resource requirements may find VPS hosting to be a cost-effective solution. Ultimately, the decision rests on the specific needs and priorities of the user, including scalability, reliability, customization potential, and cost-efficiency.

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