14-Day Money Back Guarantee on Cloud Solutions + 1H/mo extra Managed Support

14-Day Money Back Guarantee on Cloud + 1H/mo extra Managed Support

Dedicated GPU Server Hosting

The Most Popular & Certified High Tier Hosting

Join 26’330 Satisfied Developers & Business Owners by deploying a Dedicated GPU Server Hosting that is reshaping industry benchmarks, delivering unparalleled graphics rendering and computational speeds. From AI to entertainment, the prowess of Dedicated GPU Server Hosting, especially with powerhouses like the Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, sets it apart as the future of high-performance tasks.

Any Operating System

We support any operating system, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred platform when deploying your services or upload your own ISO.

1 GBPS Rete

Explore lightning-fast server connected to a 1 GBPS network for efficient data transfer, with DDoS protection to keep your server secure.

Configurable Ram & Storage

We provide 16 GB of Ram by default and you have the possibility to add more ram and configure your default storage as per your needs.

Dedicated GPU Server Hosting Pricing

Our Solutions

23268 Geekbench Score

20042 Geekbench Score

14102 Geekbench Score

12172 Geekbench Score

8421 Geekbench Score

Our GPU with Intel CPU

8110 Geekbench Score

22935 Geekbench Score

20419 Geekbench Score

8656 Geekbench Score

4900 Geekbench Score

3736 Geekbench Score

Dedicated GPU Server Hosting Features

Benefits Over CPU Hosting

Central Processing Units (CPUs) have long been the heart of our computers. They’re fantastic at managing general tasks and running the core functions of the OS. However, for tasks that can be carried out in parallel, Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are unequaled. Unlike CPUs which focus on sequential processing, GPUs are equipped with thousands of smaller cores designed for multi-tasking. Imagine being able to paint an entire house, not one wall at a time, but one stroke all over simultaneously—that’s the GPU for you. For businesses, this means faster data processing, quicker rendering times, and overall improved efficiency, especially when using top-notch configurations like the Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.


Dedicated vs Shared

Today’s GPU hosting offers two primary choices: Dedicated Server Hosting and Shared VPS Hosting. Shared GPU hosting might seem alluring initially due to its cost-effectiveness. It’s like sharing a pie—more affordable but you get a smaller piece. Here, multiple clients draw from the same pool of GPU resources. Potential performance bottlenecks during peak times and inconsistent processing speeds are the limitations of shared hosting. Enter dedicated GPU hosting, where the entire pie is yours. Businesses benefit from unwavering, high-speed performance without the hiccups common in shared setups. Given that operations critical to the bottom line often require reliability and predictability, the exclusive power and performance from dedicated GPU hosting are unparalleled.

Our Features

Join Our 10K+ Servers

9 Key Reasons!

99,982% Uptime

We offer 99,982% uptime thanks to the Tier 3 data centers where our servers are located. Enjoy your service without interruptions with Space Hosting


All the solutions are equipped with high performance and lastest NVMe M.2 storages. This will ensure very high reading and writing speeds

Unlimited Bandwidth

None of our solutions has a maximum internet bandwidth consumption limit. With Space Hosting you fully consume what you pay for

Cyber Defense

Space Hosting systems are located in Tier 3 multi-award-winning Data Centers with limited access and are protected by latest Smart IDS.

Our Value for Money

With us you will have the Best value for money on the market by accessing Computer resources with the highest computing Power and reliability

Free Product Packs

All of our Premium Packages have other Premium plans included for free and selectable during the order process with a simple click


Latest Technologies

The servers run with the best performing hardware on the market: with us you will have access to the fastest CPUs offered by AMD


All the services have minimal latency and the Infrastructure in Europe allows our customers to load their websites in between 0.1s and 0.5s

Premium Customer Service

 Our highly and continuously trained staff will always be available through official channels. Morever you will find a loving support from our community

Why should you choose us?

Space Hosting offers a complete range of innovative Cloud and Bare metal services at more than affordable prices using an unmistakably European approach by designing
and building its servers using the latest generation components
geolocated in the company’s infrastructure .

Why should you choose us?

Space Hosting offers a complete range of innovative Cloud and Bare metal services at more than affordable prices using an unmistakably European approach by designing and building its servers using the latest generation components geolocated in the company’s infrastructure.

Admin Control

Flexible & Scalable

Our solutions are Flexible and Scalable: you will be able to increase your resources along the way with Space Hosting

SSD NVMe M.2 in our systems

Smart IDS and AntiDDoS Protection

Scalable Solutions

Latest speed technologies

Best prices on the market

Free Hosting & Included plans

Evaluating the Investment for GPU Server Hosting

Pricing and Cost-Efficiency

At first glance, dedicated GPU server hosting may appear as a significant investment but the heightened performance levels result in quicker task completion, paving the way for higher productivity and efficiency—this is especially evident when harnessing the computational might of elite servers like the AMD Dedicated Servers as the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X with superior benchmarks. Consider the reduced operational hours, and the energy efficiency of modern GPUs—it’s a recipe for cost savings on multiple fronts. Add to this the potential downtimes, lags, and security issues typically associated with shared or traditional CPU-based hosting, and the long-term ROI on dedicated GPU servers becomes abundantly clear. They aren’t just a purchase; they’re a strategic investment for businesses.

Robust Defense for Dedicated GPU Server Hosting

Security Features

In our digital age, cyber threats loom large, making robust security features a must-have. Dedicated GPU server hosting is adept in this regard. These servers typically come armed with hardware-based security measures that magnify their resilience against malicious cyber activities. Some incorporate virtualization-based security, which segregates certain operations from the main OS, acting as a buffer against malware and unauthorized intrusions. Encryption is another important key feature. In fact, by encrypting data, these servers ensure that sensitive information, be it a company’s financial transactions or a user’s personal data, remains shielded from prying eyes. It’s akin to having a high-tech security system for a digital vault.

Diverse Applications of GPU Power

Use Cases and Applications

The transformative power of Dedicated GPU server hosting has deeply permeated various sectors. The entertainment industry, for one, heavily leans on them for complex tasks such as graphics rendering, 3D modeling, and real-time video processing. Think about the intricately detailed dragons in your favorite fantasy TV show or the lush, realistic environments in modern video games. GPU servers play an indispensable role here. The pharmaceutical industry uses these servers for drug modeling, while meteorologists use them for climate simulation. With the contemporary rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), these servers become even more crucial. Deep learning models, for instance, rely heavily on GPU servers because of their parallel processing prowess, resulting in quicker, more accurate training.

Dedicated GPU Server Hosting F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dedicated GPU Server Hosting?

A dedicated GPU server hosting refers to a server hosting solution where the server is equipped with one or more dedicated Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). Unlike shared hosting environments where resources might be split among multiple users or tasks, in a dedicated GPU server hosting, the full computational power of the GPU is reserved for a single client.

Is Dedicated GPU Server Hosting equipped with an anti-DDoS system by default?

Absolutely! Our Dedicated GPU Server Hosting comes with comprehensive protection against a variety of DDoS threats. They defend against Layer 4 to Layer 7 attacks, ensuring network-level and application-level security. Additionally, they come with specialized defenses to counter brute force attacks targeting RDP, SSH, and FTP logins.

Is the bandwidth consumption unlimited on my Dedicated GPU Server Hosting?

Yes, all our Dedicated GPU Servers Hosting provide unlimited bandwidth. This means you don’t have to worry about data transfer restrictions, allowing your applications and websites to run seamlessly.

How do Dedicated GPU Server Hosting guarantee high availability?

Dedicated GPU Servers Hosting are housed in our Tier 3 data centers. This, combined with a robust 1Gbps network connection, ensures maximum uptime. Features like auto-switching diesel-generator units and advanced cooling systems provide resilience against power outages and temperature fluctuations. Our inert gas fire suppression system further protects your valuable data.

Can I select my desired operating system on a Dedicated GPU Server Hosting?

Absolutely! We provide a range of operating systems to choose from. If you have a specific OS in mind or a custom one, you can upload its ISO to get started.

Does your Dedicated GPU Server Hosting provide root/Administrator access?

Absolutely. For every Dedicated GPU Server Hosting, we ensure our users have the most privileged access. If your server runs Linux OS, “root” access is granted by default with cloud solutions. For Bare Metal servers, for security measures, we initially provide “user” access; however, you’re free to set the root password later by doing “sudo root password” via terminal. For servers running Windows, you’ll have Administrator access.

Where are your Dedicated GPU Server Hosting located?

Our Dedicated GPU Servers primarily operate from Lithuania in a Tier 3 Data Center. However, we offer our esteemed services to clients worldwide.

Should I go for an Intel Dedicated Server or an AMD Dedicated Server?

Deciding between Intel and AMD Dedicated Servers hinges on your specific requirements and budgetary considerations. Intel servers have a long-standing reputation for single-threaded tasks performance, stability, and widespread software compatibility. Typically, Intel options tend to be more budget friendly. On the other hand, AMD servers often offer more cores at a similar or slightly higher price, making them ideal for multi-threaded tasks. Assess your workload, software requirements, and budget constraints before choosing. If in doubt, it’s always beneficial to consult with a technical specialist to determine the best fit for your projects.

Is there an option to upgrade my Dedicated GPU Server Hosting hardware?

Yes, you can upscale your Dedicated GPU Server hardware according to your growing business demands. Whether it’s integrating with cloud services or upgrading individual components, we ensure seamless scalability.

What is the lead time for provisioning a Dedicated GPU Server Hosting?

The provisioning time for Dedicated GPU Servers includes server setup, configuration, and testing. Depending on the configuration you choose and our inventory, the delivery can take anywhere from 1 working hour up to 2 business days.

Which Dedicated GPU Server Hosting is right for me?

The ideal Dedicated GPU Server Hosting depends on your specific requirements. Factors like RAM, storage, and CPU performance play a part. We recommend getting in touch with our sales team, who can guide you to the perfect server configuration.

How can I install Chrome on my Dedicated GPU Server Hosting with Windows?

On your Dedicated GPU Server Hosting running Windows, first download the Chrome installer from Chrome’s official website on your local computer. Then, transfer the installer from your PC to your RDP desktop on the server. Proceed with the installation just as you would on a regular desktop.

Is it possible to get additional IP addresses for my Dedicated GPU Server Hosting?

Yes, you can acquire extra IP addresses for your Dedicated GPU Server Hosting. If you’re making a new order, you can select this option during the server setup. For existing subscriptions, simply open a support ticket, and our billing department will handle your request.

How do I seek support for my Dedicated GPU Server Hosting?

Here at Space Hosting, we’re committed to assisting you, especially with your Dedicated GPU Server Hosting. You can contact us bu visiting the contact us page. We ensure timely and effective responses to all inquiries.

What advantages does dedicated GPU server hosting offer over shared GPU solutions?

Dedicated GPU server hosting ensures that the full computational power of the GPU is exclusively available to a single client or task, ensuring consistent performance, faster processing times, and eliminating potential resource contention seen in shared environments.


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Load Balancers & IDS

Are you afraid that your servers could be hacked? Don’t be afraid: Our systems are using advanced algorithms and software to monitor incoming traffic to servers and deny any illegal traffic. Servers are also equipped with DDoS protection against online attacks.

We’ll take care of protecting you.

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